Twenty five years ago, John Kopanski and Jon Lewicki met in grade school.? They quickly became lifelong friends and attended college together.? They currently work in law enforcement and enjoy spending their leisure time on the water fishing and crabbing. ?Recently, they took their love for fishing and crabbing a step further by establishing the Wye River Crab Mounts company.  Their business is named after a very popular "crabbing" river in the Chesapeake Bay region.? This is where "John and Jon" spend most of their leisure time crabbing and gathering inspiration for new products.  In addition to their crabbing ventures, both are experienced blue water anglers and enjoy the challenge of chasing tuna and other east coast game fish.
??????????? The business began when the two began to mount Blue Crabs from their daily catch on pieces of driftwood gathered from the banks of the rivers on which they crabbed.? The crabs were (and still) painstakingly painted by hand to accentuate the natural beauty found on each crab and mounted in realistic poses.? Soon, demand for their crab mounts exploded and they searched for other products that celebrate their passion for the water.? Next, came the hitch cover that fits a standard 2” inch trailer hitch receiver and comes in either a traditional Blue Crab UV resistant graphic or powder coated chrome finish.? Currently their line of hitch covers represents virtually all of the local game here in the Mid-Atlantic.? So, whether you chase tuna, dolphin, deer, duck or marlin—Wye River Crab Mounts has a hitch cover that will allow you to show everyone the pride you have in your lifestyle.
Both John and Jon were instilled with their fathers’ strong work ethics and respect for the bounty that our local waterways provide.? They strongly believe that in order to ensure their company delivers a top quality product, they must be integral in each step of the processes from design to manufacture.? Accordingly, Wye River Crab Mounts products are made right here in the U.S.A. using local suppliers and fabricators.
If you have any questions or comments regarding Wye River Crab Mounts products, feel free to drop us a line via our “contact us” link.?

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